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House Sign

Regardless of the period of your home, BHHS is excited to offer this opportunity for you to purchase for yourself, or as a gift, a lovely individualized sign to identify your home or that of a friend or family member. These unique signs are created by a local sign maker right here in Buxton, Maine.


Sign is 16"W x 12"H.  Background color - dark green, black or burgundy. 


Please view the House Sign order form below for additional information about the sign and order information.

Buxton Documentary!
Three years in the making, Buxton, Maine: An American Story details the rise and fall of Buxton's earliest industries and agriculture.  This wide ranging and fascinating look at 235 years of local history is told through the voices and memories of local people.  Produced with a grant from the Narragansett Number One Foundation, this engrossing, sometimes sentimental, and ultimately inspiring documentary with its aerial photography will inform, educate, and entertain anyone interested in local history.  Produced and directed by Patrick Bonsant with editing collaboration from Matthew Fletcher, the proceeds from the sales go to rehabilitating our headquarters at 100 Main Street, the former Bar Mills Elementary School and district office.

$25 for the DVD and $5 shipping option

See an excerpt at



$5.00 Historical Souvenir Bicentennial of Buxton, 1972

$3.00 “ A Cautionary Tale of Olde Buxton “

$5.00  “Daniel Dennett and the Mapping of Buxton “

$5.00  “Industry in Old Buxton and Hollis “

$5.00  Buxton Centennial Address, Rev. Williams 1850, $5.00

$2.00  Buxton Mason Lodge A.F. and A.M. 1826- 1854,

$5.00 “Boyhood in Hollis”, Charles Bradbury

$5.00  Gibeon Bradbury prints catalog from art show



Daniel Dennett map 1800 with first settlers listed 19" x 23"  $15.00


Daniel Dennett map of 1852 with current residents, 23" x 26"  $15.00


Robert Yarumian map of Hollis with early land owners, 1998  $15.00




Index to Buxton Marriages 1777-1978  $30.00


Index to Buxton Births 1892-1978 $35.00


Index to Buxton Deaths 1892-1978 $20.00


Index to Buxton Marriages 1978-1994 $35.00

Town of Hollis Census & Alphabetic Listing of the Head of Families 1900  $10

Town of Hollis Census & Alphabetic Listing of the Head of Families 1910  $10 

Town of Hollis Census & Alphabetic Listing of the Head of Families 1920  $10  

Town of Hollis Census & Alphabetic Listing of the Head of Families 1930  $10

Town of Hollis Census & Alphabetic Listing of the Head of Families 1940  $10  



History of Hollis by Hannaford and Jewett $40

Hollis Bicentennial book, 1998



Buxton Bicentennial book


Six Months Teaching & Living in Buxton, Maine 1923 by Alida Rogers Wolf


Records of the Proprietors of Narragansett Township No. 1, now Buxton, Maine, William Goodwin, reprinted 1996, including 1870 Dennett map.


Celebration of First Centennial Anniversary of Buxton, Maine, 1872, J.M. Marshall, reprinted 1999. $40

Kid Sisters Never Forget, Remembering the Great Depression, Mary R. Palmer, 2003


Boyhood in Hollis Maine, Charles H. Bradbury


Buxton, Postcard History Series, James Libby Ph.D.


Historic Buxton Coverlet with many buildings  

Available colors; light blue, navy



Local Artwork



Prints of Gibeon Bradbury paintings

Salmon Falls on the Saco 8” x 10”  $15.00, matted & framed $25.00

Tory Hill Meeting House 11" x 14” $25.00, matted & framed $35.00

Bruce Farm Overlooking Salmon Falls 16” x 20” $35.00, matted & framed $45.00
Salmon Falls Gorge Log Jam 16" x 20” $35.00, matted & framed $45.00
Trillium, Lilies and Violets 11" x 14" $25.00, matted & framed $35.00

  Other artwork

Buxton Lower Corner photos, matted $15, matted & framed $20.00

Folk art recreation of Hollis Center circa 1900

by James Peterson $25.00, matted & framed $35.00

Folk art recreation of Buxton Center circa 1900

by James Peterson $25, matted & framed $35.00

Bar Mills Elementary School - copy of drawing by Bonita Doughty, $5

Bar Mills Elementary School - copy of drawing framed & matted, $35


Note Cards


Powder House, 5/$5

Wild Roses and Hummingbird, Bradbury Print  4/ $5
Trillium, Bradbury Print 4/$5
Bar Mills Elementary School, Doughty Print, 4/$5