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Status of Hanson School


September 8, 2015

Photographs courtesy of Beth Gardner, Cheshire Mills Photograph

When Abigail Kovacs, a 5th grader at the new Buxton Center Elementary School heard upsetting rumors in August of 2010 about the possible fate of her old Hanson School, she was reminded of the book below, which she has read in her new school library and recommended that we read! From the mouths of babes….




“The Keepers of the School” by Andrew Clements


Ben and Jill discover first hand just how dangerous a little knowledge can be!


Benjamin Pratt’s school is going to be bulldozed to make room for an amusement park—a dream come true or a nightmare?


Jill starts digging for answers. They find things that the people with money and power don’t want them to see. Could the history hidden within an old school building be powerful?


Andrew Clements writes, “Old things are like little chunks of history. If I pick up a hammer that my dad used, it’s like we’ve got a connection. Whenever I use that Stanley chisel my older brother gave me almost  40 years ago, I think about him. And when I write with that pen my mom gave me in the 1930’s, there’s a link—nothing weird or supernatural, of course—just satisfying and sort of comforting.

Raising the Flag, 1930s
Samuel D. Hanson