Buxton-Hollis Historical Society
 100 Main St., Route 4A
 P.O. Box 34, Buxton, Maine 04093
We are open to the public Thursdays 4-8 PM. Come see us or call for a special appointment.

Upcoming 2024 Programs

August 10, Hollis Pirate Fest
August 17, Buxton Dorcas Fest
September 17, Immigrant Groups at 100 Main St
Oct 8, Vintage Songs of Reform at 100 Main St
November 2, Annual Meeting at 100 Main St.
2024 Programs online

French & Indian Wars in our area by Michael Dekker     

The Lost Pequawkets of The Saco River by Brenton Hill


Dangerous Temptations - Textile Factory Girls by Elizabeth DeWolfe

Pending in production

We have completed our 2023 program year.  See our programs at these online links;

300 Years of Vegetarianism by Avery Yale Kamila
https://vimeo.com/821008806 04/18/23
Nursing in the Civil War by Nancy Ponzetti
https://vimeo.com/829533188 05/16/23
Slavery in Maine by Vana Carmona
https://vimeo.com/850309355 06/30/23
Waterpower on the Saco by Brenton Hill 9 12 2023
https://vimeo.com/868491962 09/12/23
Marxophone and Beyond by Katherine Rhoda Oct 2023
https://vimeo.com/878829658 10/21/23
Antique Appraisal at the Brewster Barn, Sept. 23, 2023
About Us

Organized and incorporated in 1970, the Buxton-Hollis Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with partial support from the towns of Buxton and Hollis, Maine. The society’s purpose is to collect, preserve  and publish whatever may be related to the early and late history of the towns of Buxton and Hollis, including but not limited to books, relics and articles about early settlers, records of colonial and later wars, as well as genealogical information and maps.


Our Society's museum, library and archival collections include a wide range of materials documenting the rich heritage of this area of southern Maine and the Saco River Valley.  The N. C. Watson School Museum at Buxton Center offers third grade classes and other visitors the opportunity to experience life in a one-room school at the beginning of the twentieth century. Throughout the year, the Buxton-Hollis Historical Society provides lectures, cemetery and house tours, special exhibits, books and items of historic interest and educational activities for people of all ages.


All of our meetings are open to the public and membership is open to all who wish to help. Our facilities include the Library, Museum and History Center and Museum at 100 Main St, Bar Mills, the N. C. Watson One-Room School at Buxton Center, and the historic 1802 Elden Store at Buxton Center.


We invite your support by becoming a member of the Society!
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See an excerpt from the "Buxton, Maine - An American Story" documentary. 
Note this entire video is available on DVD and can be purchased from our Museum Store.