Buxton-Hollis Historical Society



Janice Hill, President


Barry Plummer, Vice-President, Buxton


Nancy Ponzetti, Vice-President, Hollis


Brenton Hill, Past President


Vicki Walker, Secretary


Betsy Clay, Treasurer




John Meyers, Jr., Audit Chair


Nancy Pierce, Librarian


Steven Atripaldi, Curator

Robin Randall-Milliken, Membership


Stacey Gagnon, N.C. Watson Committee Chair


Robert Yarumian, Clerk


Roberta Ramsdell, Hospitality Co-Chair


Bette Robicheaw, Hospitality Co-Chair


Marguerite Gardner, Print Communications


Janice Lane, Social Media Director


Stacey Barnes, Graphic Design & Composition

Julie Larry, Hollis Building Survey


Janice Hill, Life Stories



N. C. Watson School Committee


To Nov 2018               Stacey Gagnon          929-2141

To Nov 2015               Tony Taylor               289-4782

To Nov 2016               Louis Emery              727-3766

To                              Beth Plummer           

Ex Officio                   Jan Hill                     831-9356